BBL 014: Handling Closely Spaced Pregnancies


What do you do if you’ve just gotten settled with one baby… and find out a new little person is already on the way? Closely spaced pregnancies present some challenges, but bring a whole lot of joy. This podcast episode covers practical tips for managing closely spaced pregnancies, and covers vital information to keep you and your newest little one healthy and happy.

I also talk some about the AAP’s statement on home births and upcoming happenings on the podcast and website 😀

In this episode I cover:

  • How to make sure your new baby is healthy
  • How to accept help, and ask for the kind of help you really need
  • Pregnancy is a nutritional challenge – here’s how you can handle it even with close babies
  • Getting the rest you need when mothering a young baby while pregnant
  • Tips to feel great about yourself during close pregnancies
  • What you can do to greatly minimize a close pregnancy complication – postpartum hemorrhage
  • Tips on handling finances with two close babies
  • Why parenting is a huge blessing
  • Staying on top of housework when you’re balancing pregnancy and baby
  • What you should do during pregnancy to make life smoother with close little ones

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Items mentioned in this podcast include:

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